Bleeding Steel

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan is a police in the witness protection program, he has to protect the rouge medical scientist who has created bionic biowarriors using genetic engineering and radiation and then defected from the criminal organisation. He would rather be keeping his promise to his daughter in hospital.

Fighting to rescue his amnesiac daughter Nancy from bio-enhanced bad guys, he has to show true steel. He has to fight on top of the Sydney Opera House, which is famously built from concrete rather than steel.

Teamed up with a random hacker, and his ex-police colleagues, can he save the day from the biowarriers?

The poster to the movie shows so much steel in use! A steel multi-core cable with plastic cover, a steel Sydney Harbour bridge, a city, steel cars, etc, etc, and a mysterious steel airship!

Jackie Chan has a steel like fortitude in this movie, but it would have been nice to see some steels taking a more central role too.

Rating 2/5, very cheesy.

Steel relevance 2/5.