How to...

  1. How to compress a pdf file on command line with common tools.
  2. speak different languages.
  3. stop procrastinating.
  4. do anything.
  5. find the file you lost.
  6. find something that you lost.
  7. format usb keys for use in Linux and windows.
  8. fix postscript graphs made by gnuplot - use visible colours rather than the default yellow.
  9. convert latex to MS Word .doc format.
  10. rotate a postsript file for use in latex documents.
  11. make an omelette without breaking any eggs.
  12. connect to a machine using sshd from windows.
  13. use the programs from map.
  14. write a web page.
  15. make a flow chart from fortran 77 code.
  16. add unpackaged fonts to linux systems.
  17. install backported packages in debian.