James Randi (the Amazing Randi)

This is a great book, everyone should read it. James Randi is an illusionist (or magician) who has made a second career fighting the misuse and abuse of illusions by frausters and the self deluded.

Each chapter gives a different example of deception (or woo-woo), from the famous case of fairies at the bottom of the garden which duped Sherlock Holmes writer (and physician) Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, to reports of alien abductions (abductions by aliens), and how spoon benders and other 'adepts' fooled scientists who wanted to find the paranormal.

James Randi points out about the scientists that those involved with paranormal research should be weary and seek the advice of honest deceptionists such as magicians, who use their tricks just for entertainment, but are well aware of the kind of methods which can be used to fool those of us too keen to believe what they are seeing.