List of Beatles (the fifth Beatle)

This list was produced by Mitch Benn, in his comedy show "Mitch Benn Is the 37th Beatle".1 day left to listen on iplayer:

Re-broadcast on 13th February on Radio 4 extra. (so you should find it on iplayer till 20th February 2014).

Original Beatles

  1. John Lennon (Quarry Men)
  2. Paul McCartney
  3. George Harrison
  4. Pete Best
  5. Ringo Starr
  6. Stewart Sutcliffe
  7. Tony Sheridon (Beatles were backing band for him on there first release)
  8. Rest of original Quarry Men
  9. Rest of original Quarry Men
  10. Rest of original Quarry Men
  11. Rest of original Quarry Men
  12. Rest of original Quarry Men
  13. Andy White (Drummer)(on original Love me Do 7" ?)
  14. Jimmie Nicol (Drummer First Australian Tour)
  15. Billy Preston (Keyboards)
  16. Eric Clapton
  17. Brian Epstein (Manager)
  18. George Martin (Producer)
  19. Derek Taylor (Press Officer)
  20. Mal Evans (Roadie/ Studio technician)
  21. Neil Aspinall (Fixer)

New Beatles

List of the people who inherited the original spirit of the Beatles.

  1. Bad Finger (music written and produced by Paul)
  2. Bad Finger
  3. Bad Finger
  4. Bad Finger
  5. Bad Finger
  6. Monty Python
  7. Monty Python
  8. Monty Python
  9. Monty Python
  10. Monty Python
  11. Monty Python
  12. Neil Innes (Python/ Ruttles /Bonzo day do-dah band)
  13. Dave Catlin-Birch (Bootleg Paul)
  14. Neil Harrison (Bootleg John)
  15. Elvis Costello (wrote with Paul McCartney)
  16. Mitch Benn

Recommended Beatles Documentaries

  1. Back Beat
  2. The Ruttles