Movie Reviews

No Strings Attached
Rose says; Another romance comedy that will never happen in reality. That guy is pretty sweet tho. It showed several romantic moment that girls like: period mix, cuddle from back in bed with clothes on! 6/10
R. E. D.
Rose says; A lot of funny and intriguing twists made the script attractive. The retire-aged movie stars consist of another selling point. 6/10
Despicable Me
Rose says; Pretty cool and creative design for those little robot workers. The concept and ideas are brave and funny. What's more, it promotes humane spirit. 8/10
True Grit
Rose says; This girl really stood out. Music is beautiful, but the story line is just normal western stuff, even a bit boring to me. 7/10
The King's Speech
Rose says; tion is excellent, but compared with Christian Bale in Fighter, I am not sure which one should get the little golden man. Helena did not really need to act. Just being herself is perfect already. Some british actresses were born noble. 8/10
The Boxer
Rose says; Except that it is a bit violent, because I never liked boxing since I was small, what else I can say? It is a great movie, great directing, great Christian Bale. Its just great! 9/10
The Boxer scores 9 boxing gloves out of a possible 10.
The Bank Job
Rose says; Typical Jason stuff that I like;) Didn't know safety deposit box is such a red alert area before watch this movie. 7/10
Black Swan
Rose says; It is the kind of movie that the script, the music and the character wandered in my mind round and round again after watching it. I don't recommend ballerina who is serious about her profession to watch it but everybody else. 8/10
Going the Distance
Rose says; The whole movie is to emphasize one thing that I don't want to admit, which is long distance does not work:( 6/10
Rose says; Quite intriguing story and it propagandize good thing that the meaning of existence of the governmental security sector, all those guys' job should be extinguish terrorists instead of helping them. 7/10
The Social Network
Rose says; Maybe it's true nowadays only this kind of people get overwhelming success, so geeky and cold-blood? Maybe that's the description for business man as always. 7/10
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I
Rose says; I thought the crew did very well in this movie. If you read the book, you may understand how boring the first half of the book is, but it turned out to be a quite rich-content movie. 8/10
The American
Rose says; Every so often, George Clooney has to put up one piece of work like this, tailor cut for him, to demonstrate his calibre. It has a tragic ending, but I guess that is just the fate for an assassin. I like the beautiful scenes they got from Sweden and Italy. 8/10
Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
Rose says; It is very wall-streety that there was a several-minutes-long scene during a dinner just showing all the ladies wearing DeBeers jewelries, who is one of the sponsors of the movie. It would be more wall-streety if Gordon just took the money and did not come back in the end. Yeah, that would be a better ending, because I had no clue why they would kiss and hold each other after they got the money back while a second earlier she still said no way and didnt care about the money! One positive thing is that I really enjoyed this young couple's performance. 7/10
Wall Street
Rose says; It is a subtle ending. I just wondered whether it was carefully planned for the next one 20 years later. Positive thing as a movie is that it reflects philosophy of the time-being vividly. 7/10
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
Rose says; The plot is complete and logical, also cliff-hanging. 7/10
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Rose says; I thought it was enjoyable. It proved that vampire and werewolf is very different from humans, because human man will not really want to marry or love a woman who loves another man as well... I don't know it is a good or bad education to show that the guy wanted to avoid sex before marriage and the girl said it was ancient style... Remember a piece of funny script: the werewolf said to the vampire that I am hotter than you! 8/10
Toy Story 3
Rose says; Pixar's work, good as always; short clip before the film, nice as always. Actually it is a very simple story but they can put so many twist smoothly into it, which really amazed me. 8/10
Iron Man 2
Rose says; Not as impressive as the 1, but that may be because we are familiar with iron man's cool devices now. And it is entertaining to the same high level. I have to say that Scarlett Johansson is a really versatile actress. I would never imagine that she will be so good as an action character. Why I like iron man? Because if you ever dreamed of being a scientist, what he has, robots, control systems, private lab and whatever, is just what you would dream to possess. 9/10
Rose says; Cool~Leonardo must have a criteria for accepting the invitation of acting. This criteria is getting higher and higher. His films are bigger and bigger making. I think it will take some time and effort to get the next even better one. It is worth watching again to go through the tricky polt. 9/10
Sex and the City 2
Rose says;
Robin Hood (2010)
Rose says; I thought it was cool. Didn't see any previous Robin Hood movie, so there is no way for me to compare. Russell was not as lumpy as he was in the trailer;) Cate's acting is as graceful as usual. 8/10
Up in the Air
Rose says; A thought-provoking story. I also feel really sorry about Ryan's isolated philosophy. It formed inside him just simply because that every time he is getting serious, the other body turned out to be cheating. And I am not sure what this movie is propagandizing, since I heard that a large number of Americans nowadays hate and try to avoid business travel. 9/10
Up in the Air rates 9 long haul flights out of a possible 10.
Rose says; Nice education on humanity, anti-robot-racist. I just couldn't remember what the story is about when we watched the cartoon in our childhood. 8/10
Clash of the Titans
Rose says; Learned some more about Greek myth from the movie. And I was amazed by such a star-shining cast. 7/10
How to Train your Dragon
Rose says; A very interesting story with well designed cartoon charaters. Anti-war and care to animals are the eternal themes. It should be able to bring you laughter and sensation. P.S.: after imax, the normal screen looks so small;) 9/10
Alice in Wonderland
Rose says; It's my first experience in London BFI theatre. The screen is very impressive. It is ok comfy for us to sit in the row H. The movie is beatifully designed and dressed up. 8/10
Crazy Heart
Rose says; Got to listen a lot of beautiful country songs during the movie. I guess singing them by himself helped Jeff Bridges to get the Oscar. Realistic movie with realistic performance. 7/10
Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs
Rose says; Nice style of drawing. But I don't fancy the plot at all, maybe because I don't like to see people eating huge amount of food? 6/10
The Informant!
Rose says; Learned two lessons: 1. Lying will gradually become a habit, but 2. no one can track all the lies. 6/10
Partly Cloudy
Rose says; Best ever short clip got me watch time after time. 10/10
Picture of weather forecast, will the sequel to this clip be Mostly Sunny or Blistery Showers?
Inglourious Basterds
Rose says; A very carefully and nicely plotted story. The scens to do with the skulls are really bloody+o( I don't quite get Brad Pitt's strong American accent. Seems that speaking more than one language natively is essential for spies. 8/10
(500) Days of Summer
Rose says; A light comedy also helped me to kill time amusingly on the plane. Like the calendar style. Still don't understand why the girl broke up the boy and got married immediately afterwards tho. 7/10
Julie & Julia
Rose says; It is a visual enjoyment of all kinds of mouth-watering food, especially when you are having a long-distance flight (with French airline in my case, and they serve you horribly strong cheese in very plain dishes). 7/10
Public Enemies
Rose says; Johnny Depp VS Christian Bale earned enough box office already. Couldn't remember how it is about the film after 3 months. Just remember it has very violent content. 7/10
The Lovely Bones
Rose says; 8/10
The Time Travellers Wife
Rose says; Time traveler is a very embarrassing profession. It is a fortune not to have this ability unless you can make what you need to travel with you, e.g. clothes. The wife also needs to be very tough to endure the preternatural experience. 7/10
Rose says; 9/10
Avatar scores 9 smurfs out of a possible 10.
Sherlock Holmes
Rose says; It was enjoyable. Just the talking is too fast for me to catch every detail, which is all Holmes' well-known reasoning. There are some funny moments like "the tiny axe vs the giant one" 7/10
The Twilight Saga: New Moon
Rose says; Poor girl! Attracting either vampire or werewolf. Feel not as intensive as last one, but get to know more about the world of monsters. 7/10
My Life in Ruins (Driving Aphrodite)
Rose says; It is said that Greece wanted this movie to be an advertisement for its tourism. From this point of view, it is nothing comparable to, e.g. Roman holiday. But it talked about some interesting work ethic, still fun to watch. 7/10
The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3
Rose says; 7/10
Michael Jackson's This Is It
Rose says; 8/10
Rose says; I enjoyed it so much. The clouds at the start are so cute! Two of my friends, both of whom are guys, told me before I watched it, that they almost bursted into tears in the first 20 mins. ... And then I found out that guys cherish the love from their childhood:-D 9/10
Up rates 9 balloons from a party bag of 10.
The International
Rose says; I could hardly catch it all at the first time watching, but it seems not tempting to watch second time. 7/10
Rose says; It is said to be very like "hero". Yeah, but it was fun. I like Dakota Fanning. She is much more grown-up now. Should have a bright future. 8/10
The Castle of Cagliostro
Rose says; Cliff-hanging plot and fantastic imagination! Hoping to review all of Miyazaki's master pieces. 8/10
Rose says; Lovely drawings of the character. It is all about mutual loyalty between dogs and their owners. 7/10
City of Ember
Rose says; 7/10
Tonari no Totoro (My Neighbor Totoro)
Rose says; 7/10
Confessions of a Shopoholic
Rose says;
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Rose says; 8/10
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Rose says; Think this one is not as exciting as the previous ones. There is almost no fighting. Maybe because this one is only a build-up for the finale originally from the book. 7/10
Rose says; Daniel Craig is a truly hard core. Story is amazing. 7/10
Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (Ice Age 3)
Rose says; Dont want to see any movie not 3D afterwards. That "G-force" seems to be presented extremely well too, as it was from the trailer in the cinema. Planning to watch it. 9/10
Rose says; A bit too weird. Does the cause of imagination start from that there are a lot of spiders in British houses? I hope there isnt any black widow tho. 7/10
Star Trek
Rose says; Seemed fantastic for Startrek fans, even I think its ok, who doesnt have strong memory about it from childhood, so it is further proved to be worth watching. 8/10
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Rose says; A bit too much action and effect in the second one, but they are beautifully presented. Every explosion is just as pretty as fireworks, but maybe the real explosion is like fireworks, e.g. the missiles from Northern Korea? 7/10
Angels & Demons
Rose says;
Thick as Thieves (The Code)
Rose says; Its a really cheap movie except the price for two actors maybe. Loose plot and slow rhythm, even the sexy part I was not fond of at all.
Swing Vote
Rose says; This one told me something about the campaign. And, obviously Holywood takes the responsibility of propaganda as well.
Gake no ue no Ponyo (Ponyo on a Cliff)
Rose says; Lovely drawing of the characters. Miyazaki sama again tried hard to put the spirit of protecting the environment into the movie. Also combining with love spirit makes it a typical Miyazaki animation.
The Day the Earth Stood Still
Rose says; It is the most ridiculous one among all that I have reviewed so far. And apparantly in this movie Chinese are aliens, only aliens can speak Chinese.
Rose says; I want to get one of these costumes, which are all stunning.
Rose says; Still didnt get trained enough to watch political movies. I will try not to fall asleep next time, since political babble is essential to live in UK.
Rose says; My review is not catching up with my watching. I even dont know what to say about it...Ah, normally I dont like western movies, but pure as this one is not boring at all. I think the deputy marshal is a fantastic guy, loyal friend and assistant.
The Damned United
Rose says; Very touching encouraging movie contains beautiful scenes as well. I personally like the one at Brighton for Brian and Peter's reunion.
State of Play
Rose says; I've never thought journalist is such an exciting career! Although you still need to sacrifice all your have just for gathering informaion, it is worth doing.
Rose says; A nice one to be entertained on. And you will find out that it is extremely cool to date with a vampire. I thought the director made a lot of effort to find an actress who looks so pale as to be a vampire as well suspectablly.
Rose says; After watching this movie, I just wondered whether Sean Penn is a gay or not. And found out that it is not impossible referring to his crazy marriage history with Madonna. Fantastic acting!
Rose says; Firstly, satellite map seems a popular start for movies recently. Secondly, it just turned out to be a ridiculous process to find new Edens and Eves to me, maybe because I am too old to enjoy science fictions and I dont believe any religion. Last, and sadly, Nicolas Cage is declining.
Rose says; Very long movie, for several times I thought it was the end already, but it continued. Unsmooth point is not avoidable in such a long duration. For example, i dont understand why the aboriginal mother needed to go to the water tank as well. Trace of time is also unavoidable on Nicole Kidman's face. ...
Seven Pounds
Rose says; A nice one! Will Smith is getting better and better in acting. And the conclusion is blackberry is the most deadly creature in the world.
Transporter 3
Rose says; Fightings are getting more impressive while Mr. Transporter is getting more charming.
Transporter 2
Rose says; This guy is really good at actions. He is not a really big and strong man, but his movements are very flexible. Can be awarded as western version Jacky Chan.
The Transporter
Rose says; Just know that this one was directed by a Chinese. That's why it got Shu Qi and a lot of Chinese Kungfu style inside. He started good series, since it has 3 now.
Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Rose says; This movie uses big stars to fill a ridiculous plot, and then it becomes watchable. Its a good trick tho. 6/10
Revolutionary Road
Rose says; 8/10
Death Race
Rose says; Entertaining enough. Just they didnt expect that American economic collapsed just after the movie was released. 7/10
Rose says; Didnt feel very impressed. After discussion with Mathew, found the reason is they do not have a serious plan for this action at all. Every detail is crude. 7/10
Slumdog Millionaire
Rose says; Brilliant plot or I should say brilliant recomposition from the book. It also inherited the tradition of Indian movie with amazing music.
Il y a Longtemps que Je T'aime (I've Loved You So Long).
Rose says; I still cant be fond of French movie. And is Kristin so old already or just because of deliberate makeup? 6/10
Bangkok Dangerous
Rose says; 6/10
Nights in Rodanthe
Rose says; It's so touching that I cried on the plane, and the French gentleman sitting besides me was so shocked, thinking I was too homesick because of leaving for study in UK. 8/10
Hellboy II: The Golden Army (Hellboy 2)
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The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
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Body of Lies
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Step Brothers
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Horton Hears a Who!
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Quantum of Solace
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Burn After Reading
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Righteous Kill
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The Duchess
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The Visitor
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Son of Rambow
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Made of Honor
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Kung Fu Panda
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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
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