Symbols Rosetta Stone

This page has some codes to make some symbols in html, latex and gnuplot, along with some acscii codes. After the table there is also information about how to use Italic font for variable names.

gnuplot codes are for using enhnanced mode of postscript terminal. I usually use the setting "set terminal postscript enhanced eps" to also produce images in eps mode (otherwise I get problems with image rotation later when these images are inluded in latex.

symbol html4    latex    gnuplot        ASCII

α α   \alpha     {/Symbol a}    224
β β    \beta      {/Symbol b}    225
&chi χ     \chi       {/Symbol c}
&Chi Χ     \Chi       {/Symbol C}
δ δ   \delta     {/Symbol d}    235
Δ Δ   \Delta     {/Symbol D} 
ε ε \epsilon   {/Symbol e}    238
Ε Ε \Epsilon   {/Symbol E}
φ φ     \phi       {/Symbol f}    237
Φ Φ     \Phi       {/Symbol F}    232
γ γ   \gamma     {/Symbol g}  
Γ Γ   \Gamma     {/Symbol G}    226
η η     \eta       {/Symbol h}
Η Η     \Eta       {/Symbol H}
ι ι    \iota      {/Symbol i}
Ι Ι    \Iota      {/Symbol I}
κ κ   \kappa     {/Symbol k}
Κ Κ   \Kappa     {/Symbol K}
&lambda λ  \lambda    {/Symbol l}
&Lambda Λ  \Lambda    {/Symbol L}
μ μ      \mu        {/Symbol m}    230
Μ Μ      \Mu        {/Symbol M}
ν ν      \nu        {/Symbol n}
Ν Ν      \Nu        {/Symbol N}
&omicron ο \omicron   {/Symbol o}
&Omicron Ο \Omicron   {/Symbol O}
π π      \pi        {/Symbol p}    227
Π Π      \Pi        {/Symbol P}
θ θ   \theta     {/Symbol q}  
Θ Θ   \Theta     {/Symbol Q}    233
ρ ρ     \rho       {/Symbol r}
Ρ Ρ     \Rho       {/Symbol R}
σ σ   \sigma     {/Symbol s}    229
Σ Σ   \Sigma     {/Symbol S}    228
τ τ     \tau       {/Symbol t}    231
Τ Τ     \Tau       {/Symbol T}
υ υ \upsilon   {/Symbol u}
Υ Υ \Upsilon   {/Symbol U}
ω ω   \omega     {/Symbol w}
Ω Ω   \Omega     {/Symbol W}
ξ ξ      \xi        {/Symbol x}
Ξ Ξ      \Xi        {/Symbol X}
ψ ψ     \psi       {/Symbol y}
Ψ Ψ     \Psi       {/Symbol Y}
ζ ζ    \zeta      {/Symbol z}
Ζ Ζ    \Zeta      {/Symbol Z}

&infinity; &infinity \inf       ?             236
           \pm        ?             231
?          \approx    ?             241
?          \sqrt      ?             251
n                                   252
           ^2         ^2            253
∇    \nabla     ?  

Italic font for use as variable names

To write M in italics we need {/Times-Italic M}