List of Papers

Three-Dimensional Atom Probe Analysis of Carbon Distribution in Low-Temperature Bainite,
Tempering of a Hard Mixture of Bainitic Ferrite and Austenite,
In-situ Observations of Lattice Parameter Fluctuations in Austenite and Transformation to Bainite,
Time-Resolved X-ray diffraction Investigation of Austenite and Transformation to Bainite,
Synchrotron X-ray Studies of Austenite and Bainitic Ferrite,
Temperature Cycling and the Rate of the Bainite Transformation,
Fatigue of Extremely Fine Bainite,
Heat Transfer Coefficients during Quenching of Steels,
Prediction of the thermal conductivity of steel,
Heat transfer coefficient and latent heat of martensite in a medium-carbon steel,