100 Greatest Britains

The 100 greatest britains as decided by a poll and vote conducted by the BBC in two rounds, first they had a poll to decide the 100 greatest, a tv series was made with one episode for each of the top 10, where a different presenter outlined why each should be voted the greatest.

The BBC has also conducted an international vote, which rated Newton as the greatest. Link to BBC story.

My personal choice for the greatest britain from the top 100 would be John Peel. I believe he is better in his field of endeaver than any of the other 100 in their respective fields. Probably the only DJ to ever play a record at 33rpm and then 45rpm. Shakespeare, Newton, and Darwin would be close contenders, and I did vote for Darwin on the BBC site. I was so releaved the 'princess of hearts' didn't top the vote! Churchill only wins because he was paired in History against Hitler, lets forget about Ghandi.

Top 10

  1. Churchill 456,498 (28.1%)
  2. Brunel 398,526 (24.6%)
  3. Diana 225,584 (13.9%)
  4. Darwin 112,496 (6.9%)
  5. Shakespeare 109,919 (6.8%)
  6. Newton 84,628 (5.2%)
  7. Elizabeth I 71,928 (4.4%)
  8. Lennon 68,445 (4.2%)
  9. Nelson 49,171 (3%)
  10. Cromwell 45,053 (2.8%)

Top 100 (alphabetical)